What can I do with ezon.io?

Having ezon.io means having a smart home that simplifies your life, helps you plan your daily actions and makes your home more comfortable and safe.

With ezon.io you can have your home within reach of an APP and control it wherever you are or from the comfort of the sofa through your favorite voice assistant.

Ezon.io allows you to:
Make your home smart without necessarily having to have a WiFi network.
Transform your switches, without modifying them, into smart switches
Turn the lights on and off
Turn the lights on and off comfortably from your sofa with the ezon.io APP or with your voice using your voice assistant.
Replace your buttons with touch buttons Simply using the caps of the same line as your plates.
Control your smart devices from your old plates and not just from the APP.
Use the switches or the APP to control your appliances.
Program your modules via the APP, choosing the action to be performed and, if you wish, also the time in which to do it. In fact, the same ezon device can be programmed to perform different actions based on the time of day.
Program your switches to perform one or more actions simultaneously, such as turning off the kitchen lights and raising the blinds in the same room.
Automatically manage the turning on and off of the lights according to the weather conditions.
Create scenarios that in one click allow you to perform many actions at the same time. For example, the night scenario that allows you to create the ideal situation for your home at night with just one touch, from the APP or switch.
Close the awnings, blinds or shutters remotely in the event of sudden bad weather.*
Open or close awnings, blinds or rolling shutters at certain hours, programmable days from the APP or using the light sensor.
Raise or lower the shutters
Raise or lower the shutters comfortably from your sofa with the ezon.io APP or with your voice using your voice assistant.
Turn appliances on or off remotely.*
Disable unnecessary sockets at programmable times, thus eliminating consumption due to the "stand-by" status of household appliances.
Define operations and schedules for your outlets.
Check the consumption of appliances based on your usage habits.
Find out which appliances use a lot of energy.
Check your consumption for a single appliance or for all appliances connected to ezon.io devices.
Check consumption for the last 24 hours every 30 minutes, for the last week every 4 hours or for the last two months every day.
Keep track of consumption for one or more years.*
Request the status of actual consumption directly from your voice assistant.*
Control your energy expenses.
Eliminate the annoying "black-outs" due to exceeding the consumption permitted by your contract.
Turn on multiple appliances at the same time.
Set the usage priorities of appliances connected with ezon.io devices.
Set the consumption threshold not to be exceeded inside your home.
Decide whether or not an appliance can be temporarily switched off if the consumption threshold is exceeded.
Raise or lower the shutters individually or all at the same time.
Program your rolling shutter so that, by raising or lowering it, it positions itself at a predefined point.
Raise or lower your blinds when you're away from home.*
*Function available only if in possession of WiFi network and Hub ezon.io
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