Can your home become smart? is an innovative system that allows you to make your home smart whatever it is. It doesn't matter if it's a new building, renovation or an old house, it adapts to any type of system. doesn't force you to modify the entire system simultaneously, but being a modular system, you can implement all the modules that you want it when you want it, without masonry interventions and without modifying the aesthetics of your system in any way. This is because modules are not integrated into "fruits" within the plate, but are independent devices that are positioned inside the walled box 502, 503, 504, etc. behind your plate and connected directly to the implant. makes your life easier:
I'm always in a rush and I don't know if I've turned off the lights, closed the blinds or left an appliance on before going out.
With you can check the status of your home and in one click, even from your car, you can turn off all the lights and therefore save on your bill.
I have always different schedules and time programming is not for me because this way I waste a lot of energy.
With you can turn on or off your electronic devices or your boiler wherever you are without necessarily having to program it first.
I have lights in the garden and I'd like them to turn on and off based on the outside light conditions.
The light sensor allows you not only to automatically turn on the lights but also to program them so that they never turn on in a specific time slot or, conversely, that they always remain on. Furthermore, being a portable light sensor with rechargeable battery, you can place it where you prefer, and make sure that it is never in a shaded area that would prevent it from functioning correctly. The battery is rechargeable.
I have a terrarium that needs constant heat provided by UVA UVB lamps: how can I do it?
The temperature sensor, combined with the climate management device, allows you to manage the switching on and off of electrical and electronic equipment, such as heating lamps, based on the measured temperature. In fact, with the ezon APP you can program the device so that it turns on automatically if the temperature drops below a threshold you set and, on the contrary, that it turns off when the desired temperature is reached.
My electricity bill is getting higher and higher, how can I keep track of my consumption?
With the load management module you can keep track of electricity consumption in your home: per single appliance or as the sum of all appliances to which the device is connected. You can view the consumption directly through the APP. Furthermore through its cloud allows you to keep track of all your consumption. By monitoring the individual devices you can check their operating status and understand if your usage habits are correct: time range of use, operating cycles...
At home I always turn on too many electrical appliances at the same time and the power suddenly goes out. has a load management module which must be positioned on the plate in correspondence with the electrical appliance to be controlled. This particular device allows you to set the priorities of the various connected loads, in this way, in the event of exceeding the power limits (which can be set independently based on your contract), automatically and temporarily disconnects the less important appliances according to the order you have established, avoiding the intervention of the meter which would completely cut off the energy and cause annoying black-outs. Within the dedicated APP you can not only set priorities but also ensure that some appliances are never disconnected even if the threshold is exceeded (such as the refrigerator). The load management module of also allows you to measure the energy consumption of a single appliance or of all those connected and view it on your smartphone via the App .
Every time I leave for the weekend when I come home I never have the right climate: either too cold or too hot.
With the climate module and the temperature sensor you can program, turn on, turn off, raise or lower your heating or cooling system wherever you are and whenever that you wish. In fact, the climate system gives you the possibility of programming the switching on of your climate control system, but if you are not sure when you will return home, to avoid unnecessary waste, you can easily switch it on using the APP when you wish. In order to activate the device remotely, you must necessarily have the hub and an internet connection. To use it from home instead, all you need is the climate module, the temperature sensor and the free APP.
With all the electrical appliances switched on in stand-by, the house looks like a Christmas tree. How can I disable them without having to unplug?
The relay modules positioned behind your normal sockets, allow you to transform them into intelligent and programmable sockets. The relays can be set to turn the connected appliance on or off, or temporarily disable it to prevent the stand-by light from lighting up.
It always rains when I'm away from home and I haven't lowered the blinds. I wish I could close them all wherever I am.
The Motor Actuator module of allows you to make your motorized shutters smart: you can raise or lower them all together or one at a time, using a button or directly from the APP. If you wish, you can also control them with a portable battery button to place wherever you want. Motor Actuator also allows you to program your shutters to position them at your preferred height in one click.
But if the internet goes down at home, what happens to my ezon.iosystem?
The system is revolutionary because, despite its enormous potential, it does not make it necessary to have an internet connection or mobile phone operation. So in case of connection failure the system will continue to work. All modules are in fact independent from each other so the malfunction of one of them does not compromise the functioning of the others or of the system itself. Obviously, in the event of an internet connection failure, the remote device management functions will cease and you will therefore not be able to operate the system from the office or away from home.
My parents are elderly and struggling to make efforts, how can I help them?
The system gives you the opportunity to always be close to your loved ones by helping them in their daily actions: raise or lower rolling shutters, awnings or blinds and turn them on or off the lights. From today you can do everything by clicking simple buttons or more simply with a single click through personalized scenarios. If the house is very old and there are no more command points available, you can create as many as you want without masonry interventions thanks to our battery-operated buttons. The remote controls of are fully programmable to perform one or more actions simultaneously or even different actions depending on the time, so with a single command your parents they will be able to manage the whole house with a click from the comfort of the sofa. Furthermore, if the house is equipped with an internet connection and a hub you can help them by performing these actions for them through the APP right from your home.
I have an irrigation system in the garden but the controller is in an awkward position. Can I replace it with a module and program it directly from the APP?
The system allows you to control your sprinklers by replacing the standard programmer. All you have to do is connect our relay module to the solenoid valve that controls the system: each solenoid valve must have its own relay and every three relays the appropriate Power Supply module. You are now ready to program your system or start it up when you want, directly from the APP with one click.
I have an electric gate, can I control it with the system?
Electric gates can be controlled, as well as roller shutters, awnings and darkening systems, through the Motor actuator module which allows the activation of a bidirectional electric motor. You can then command its opening or closing with the APP or with a rechargeable button that you can keep comfortably in your car. With this module you can activate and make smart any type of bidirectional motor with block limit switch.
I have mobility difficulties and find it hard to move. I would like to be able to manage my whole house comfortably from my armchair.
The Smart Home system allows you to manage your entire home directly through the APP. Turn the lights on or off, raise or lower shutters, awnings and blinds. Open the electric gate or garage door. Turn up or down the heating, turn on or off air conditioners or dehumidification systems. Operate electronic appliances or sprinklers. In short, you will no longer need help and you can do everything by yourself without the slightest effort.
I bought a floor lamp and I would like to be able to turn it on from the sofa. How can I do this?
The system provides long-lasting rechargeable battery buttons available in the round or rectangular version which, combined with the relay or switch relay module, allow you to add new mobile and programmable control points. In this way it will no longer be necessary to remove or insert the plug each time but just click on the appropriate button or APP and the lamp will turn on.
In the house I bought there are too few light points, I would like more but I don't want to break the walls.
The smart home system has battery-operated buttons that function as real switches, with which you can turn on the lights, control shutters, awnings. Our buttons are available in two versions: round and rectangular, both equipped with a magnetic attachment and rechargeable using the special Battery Charger, compatible with all rechargeable devices Furthermore, if you wish, you can purchase the appropriate wall supports to be able to hang them wherever you prefer.
I am passionate about chromotherapy I would like to have colored lamps at home that help my well-being. in collaboration with Illunaluce produces and develops smart lamps completely made in Italy. These lamps integrate perfectly into the home system. and some of these are available in the RGB version. Through the APP you can change the color and intensity of the light whenever you want. You will also have a gallery with predefined color effects.
I would like to be able to control my whole house by simply pushing a button.
The smart home system of gives you the possibility to create customized scenarios according to your needs. Each point can be programmed via the APP and set to simultaneously perform the actions you need to create your perfect environment. There are infinite types of scenarios you can create: wake up, night, weekend, rain... has no limits. You can even set the same button to activate two different scenarios depending on the time you press it. The scenarios can also be activated through the APP from home. If, on the other hand, you have a hub, you can activate your scenarios from anywhere you want and even control them directly with your voice thanks to the voice assistants.
When it decides to rain my awnings are always open and from the office I have no way of closing them. How can I do this?
If you have installed motorized blinds, the system gives you the possibility to operate them remotely so you can close them wherever you are. To use the function from any distance, in addition to the Motor Actuator module and the Power Supply connected to the awning, you must have a hub and a connection to the internet. In this way you can go out without worrying about rain, you can leave your awnings open to protect the house from the heat of the sun, and close them only in case of bad weather or sudden wind to prevent them from breaking.
I have a small dog who stays home alone during the day, I would like to be able to turn on the light when it gets dark without necessarily having to leave it on all day.
The system gives you the possibility if you have a hub and an internet connection to be able to turn on the lights remotely so as to never leave your pet alone domestic. Alternatively, if you don't have a hub and an internet connection, you can buy a brightness sensor that causes the lamp you want to turn on automatically when the external light conditions you set fail. In fact, the light sensor allows you to set the lux threshold beyond which to automatically turn on your lights. Or again, using a relay module, you can set automatic switching on and off according to the times you set.
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